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I have been thinking of writing this blog post for over a month. In my meditation yesterday I was encouraged to finally write it. But still resisted. Then the very sad news of the death of “Twitch” by suicide came out today….and now I know I need to write this. By sharing, I hope it […]

Driving Into Death……And Why I Didn’t

Grief, Mental Health

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Endings are hard.  Painful.   Necessary. In a million years I never saw this one coming, until one day I realized it was time.  We realized it was time. After 21 years of being together and 19 years of marriage, James and I are going our separate ways. It’s been a tough few months working through […]

Endings Are Hard….

Family, Grief

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It’s been almost two months since I made a post and finished my podcast….51 days to be exact. 51 days of being completely ok not doing my podcast and I didn’t know if that would be the case. Are there days I miss it? To be honest, no. Not yet anyway. I loved everything about […]

Change Is Ok! Trust Me.


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Hey there welcome to Episode 75 of Hard Beautiful Journey. This is going to be a tough episode to get through so I’m giving you fair warning that I may shed some tears.  But I also have plans on making us all smile once or twice so please stick around! So what’s going on and […]

Is This The End? Only Time Will Tell

Mental Health, Wellness

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Do you experience shame, guilt and embarrassment because of an overwhelming need to watch pornographic material regularly? Are you questioning if you have an unhealthy relationship with pornography? On this week’s episode of Hard Beautiful Journey, I sit down with Jeremy Lipkowitz, a porn addiction recovery coach who overcame his own personal addiction to pornography […]

How One Man Is Changing the Stigma Around Porn Addiction (with special guest Jeremy Lipkowitz)


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Are you struggling after losing a loved one who was taken far too soon? On this week’s episode of Hard Beautiful Journey, I sit down with Rhonda Watt, who lost her son Erik to a drug overdose when he was only 19. Now, this grieving mom turned grief warrior is on a mission to help […]

From Grieving Mother to Grief Warrior (with special guest Rhonda Watt)

Addictions, Grief, Mental Health

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Have you ever felt that the universe brought people into your life just when you needed them? In today’s episode, I have on a beautiful soul named Taija McLuckie; in this interview, you will learn the incredible story of how and where I met her.  Taija had a three-year history of illicit substance abuse and […]

Toxic Drug Poisonings In Canada – Thoughts From a Front Line Worker With Lived Experience

Addictions, Mental Health

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Welcome back for the follow-up to episode 70 and the conclusion of my interview with Corey Gauthier. In our last episode, Corey discussed his journey into plant medicines and psychedelic therapies after realizing that his “live fast, die young” lifestyle had some deep-rooted trauma. For those who missed it, I strongly encourage you to check […]

How Plant Medicines and Psychedelic Therapies Can Lead to Healing with Corey Gauthier

Addictions, Mental Health, Spirituality, Trauma

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Today, Corey Gauthier joins me for the first part of our conversation about how he began his journey into plant medicines and psychedelic therapies after realizing that his “live fast, die young” lifestyle had some deep-seated trauma attached to it. This journey would lead him to a world he had never known existed and eventually […]

Plant Medicine and Psychedelic Therapies: Corey Gauthier’s Inspiring Journey

Addictions, Grief, Mental Health, Spirituality, Trauma

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Today we continue our conversation with Eric Kussin. The founder of the organization #SameHere, a global mental health movement. Eric previously shared his personal story of battling a severe mental health crisis, his misdiagnosis, the missing piece of the puzzle, and what led him to find #SameHere. If you missed it, I highly recommend you […]

Essential Reasons to Reframe Your Thinking Around Mental Health Stigmas

Mental Health, Trauma

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