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Eric Kussin, the founder of the organization and global mental health movement #SameHere, joins us today for part one of an extraordinary two-part episode. This interview will conclude with a bonus episode so tune in to episode 69! With suicides at a 30-year high and drug abuse out of control, Eric recognized the need for change […]

#SAMEHERE Global Mental Health Movement

Mental Health, Trauma

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Today we welcome Aaron Huey, the founder of Parenting Teens That Struggle. He is also the host of the number one parenting podcast, Beyond Risk and Back, with the highest international ratings on the Mental Health News Radio network! After realizing that teen mental health is under attack, Aaron and his wife, Christine, turn to […]

3 Ways Parents Can Support Their Teen Struggling With Any Form Of Addiction

Addictions, Mental Health, Trauma

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In today’s episode, I share the story of my trip to Victoria. It was there that I got surprising clarity and inspiration, and it turned into so much more than I had expected! Because of this, I’m making a big announcement about my podcast and everything, Hard Beautiful Journey! Here are three reasons why you […]

Why It’s Important We Talk About Addictions, Mental Health & Unresolved Trauma

Addictions, Mental Health, Trauma

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Today is the final episode of season four, and I am so grateful to each of you who has shown up and been brave enough to get in the arena. In this episode, I talk about spiritual health. What spirituality is, how I went from being religious to being spiritual, and the things I do […]

How I Strengthen my Spiritual Health

Spirituality, Wellness

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Today we welcome Dr. Jody Carrington, who provides some valuable insight on disconnection; and the emotional dysregulation that our adolescents face as a result of the pandemic. Dr. Jody Carrington is a renowned psychologist sought after for her expertise, energy, and approach to helping people solve their most complex human-centered challenges. Jody focuses much of […]

Reconnection on Purpose with Dr. Jody Carrington

Family, Mental Health

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Today we welcome Crystal Partney, who, the day before her 32nd birthday in 2019, received the devastating news that her sister had taken her own life. After this tragedy, Crystal needed the steps to begin the healing process. She discovered that the first 30 days are often the most critical steps for healing after suicide. […]

Healing and Finding Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow

Family, Grief

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Health is a broad term that can mean many things to many different people. What might be an important area of health for me might not be a priority to someone else. I am working daily to maintain a healthy outlook on life and positively manage stress.  When I am feeling healthy, I can be […]

Being Healthy in Every Way

Mental Health, Wellness

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Life has been a struggle for me lately. In this solo episode, I get vulnerable, sharing my hard beautiful journey and the importance of having the courage to get in the arena.  We are all living in challenging times right now. There’s so much uncertainty with the ongoing pandemic and the war in Ukraine. As […]

The Courage To Get In The Arena

Mental Health

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Today we welcome Emily Johnson, who shares her beautiful story of the gift she received following the passing of her beloved mother.  The story behind Bird of Paradise, Emily’s first novel, is unique. Her mom began writing Bird of Paradise when she was diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer. She passed away in 2012, leaving the novel […]

Fulfilling Her Mom’s Dying Wish

Family, Grief

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Today I welcome Mikaela Brewer who openly shares her journey as a high-performance athlete and how it brought her immense joy and complex challenges.  **A gentle warning, this episode discusses suicide. If you are feeling vulnerable in this area, please consult with a doctor or mental health professional in your area. Or call one of […]

Mental Health Awareness for Athletes

Grief, Mental Health

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